Fresh Start Oil-free Make-up Foundation #76

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  • 無油配方 無香料 無滑石 無矽樹脂 妝前使用,不易脱妝 專門針對油性,敏感和易痤瘡的皮膚
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  •  This unique, ultra clean feeling foundation primer makes skin look perfectly smooth and flawless with absolutely no oils or silcone. It selects the Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Vera gel, which is the most effective and powerful hydrating, will not cause blackheads due to mixing with the skin's natural oil.



    Even out skin discolorations, smoothes uneven texture and helps makeup glide on and adhere to the skin perfectly.  Powerful oil-blotting ingredients hold up to ten times their weight in oil to conbat shine and keep pores clear and invisible.  Antioxidant Green Tea and Pomegranate help prevent free radical damage.  Enhances makeup coverage and adds super lasting power.  Excellent for oily skin.   


    Paraben  Free    


    Shake prior to use


    To Use:


    After cleansing and moisturizing skin, apply a small amount evenly over entire face. Allow to dry. Apply powder or liquid foundation over.


    Works Well With:


    • Mineral Illusion Foundation

    • Believable Finish Foundation

    • Mineral Secret Powder


    Made in USA


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